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How Top4 Works

Businesses with a listing on Top4 can be rated by their customers. This helps you to make an informed choice about who to ask for a quotation.

We use a 4 star system to rate our businesses under the following areas:

  • Quality of work
  • Value for money
  • Punctuality
  • Tidiness.

An aggregate star score is then displayed against the business' name.

Reviews are also displayed anonymously on the business' page.

How to rate a business

Want to rate and comment on the service you have received from a Top4 registered business?

Step 1 - Search for the business you want to rate on the Home Page
Step 2 - When their listing is open, scroll down to the Customer Review section, select the category you want to rate under. The section will expand to show the ratings section. You can award 1 to 4 stars (below average to excellent) for each of the following areas; Quality of work, Value for money, Punctuality, Tidiness.
Step 3 - Add your Name and Contact Number, in order that we can verify your rating if selected. Your details will not be passed to the trader in question.
Step 4 - Click ‘Rate’ - your review has now been posted on the business' listing.